About Tekhnetos


TEKHNETOS is a company dedicated to providing strategic solutions that allow companies to focus on business objectives and not on managing the technological problems they face every day.

Want To Make Your Project Stand Out?

Our years of experience will help you.

For more than 10 years we have supported multiple companies, being our commitment to always provide the best cost-benefit ratio. Our staff has vast experience in the analysis and design of infrastructure for data centers, structured cabling, electrical systems, incident management, technology consulting.

We have certifications in the areas of information infrastructure, as well as certifications in the area of data networks and data centers. We are specialists in the analysis of computer security, prevention of security incidents, optimization of technological infrastructures and process optimization.


Offer state-of-the-art technological solutions with an excellent quality of service to achieve the best experience for our customers.


Be the leader and national benchmark in the development and implementation of technological solutions

Business objectives

  • Develop value propositions for customers and incorporate as a business center.
  • Convert our clients into strategic allies.
  • Pioneer in implementing cutting-edge technologies.
  • Keep our clients updated.
  • Guarantee the punctual and reliable delivery of orders.

  • Honesty towards all processes and relationships of the company.
  • Reliability that the work will be done in the correct way and complying with the rules.
  • Work and professional Ethics with our clients, staff, suppliers and the environment.
  • Integrity with our businesses and with the team in the solutions offered.
  • Transparency in our business and processes. Doing business properly under a level of professional ethics.
  • Social responsibility towards our businesses, community and environment.

Our History

  • 2021 - Become an Distribuitor Leader

    TEKHNETOS includes more than 30 brands within its product portfolio for our resellers.

  • 2020 - ANNKE Authorized Distributors

    Representing the brand for the entire Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

  • 2019 - We reached 3,500 network facilities.

    We successfully completed the installation of our 3,500 network outlets in different projects nationwide.

  • 2017 - We reached 2,000 network facilities.

    We successfully completed the installation of our 2,000 network outlets in different projects nationwide.

  • 2014 - Implementation of our first 500 network facilities.

    We successfully completed the installation of our first 1,000 network outlets in different projects nationwide.

  • 2013 - TEKHNETOS was formally established

    We started operations with a team of professionals interested in providing a quality service to our clients.


Ambioris Pérez-Director of Information Technology, Cooperativa Mamoncito Inc.

TEKHNETOS, is a company that performs its infrastructure and data network services in a very efficient, effective way, with 24/7 service availability, thus being a strategic ally for the Mamoncito Cooperative.

Ubaldo Suriel-Telecommunications Manager, ALAVER.

This is really a great package! The support provided is outstanding. Also, they are courteous, prompt and very helpful. We are very happy with everything.

Ángel Rivas-Network Manager, INESDYC

Easy module to work with, awesome addition to any website. And their always quick to respond to any support questions, they are a great helper to us.


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